Wedding Cake Blunts 2-pack


Wedding Cake consists of dense, pungent buds and is a great strain to help you focus and get the day going. High in Cannabinoids & Terpenes. 

Preferred Time of Use: Day Time

Feel: Focus, Energy

Phenotype: Wedding Cake

Selected for its high CBG content & terpene profile (High Humulene, Nerolidol)

Genotype: Lifter

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What is Wedding Cake Blunt?

Wedding Cake Blunt is super strong and enjoyable just like the popular strain. Wedding Cake cannabis strain also known as Pink Cookies spawns from the cross between the Cherry Pie and the classic Girl Scout Cookie strains.

Though original breeders Seed Junky Genetics claimed it is a phenotype of Triangle Mints, it is believed it has varying phenotypes which may effect slight changes in its terpene profile. But one thing is certain—its undeniable mix of sweet tangy, earthy, and spicy notes shows it is a descendant of the OG lineage. Wedding Cake Blunt

Tradecraft’s pre-rolled Wedding Cake blunts offers 15.31% THC, which makes it highly sought-after for its well-rounded effects. Ideal for both recreational and medical use, a few hits from your blunt will make you happy, euphoric, and deliver full-bodied relaxation due to its higher Indica component. it relieves anxiety and stress, and treats depression, pain, and insomnia.

But make sure you use on a filled stomach or have some food to devour right after, as it will greatly Increase your appetite.

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