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legalized cannabis in Israel 

On a Thursday afternoon in the summer skies above Tel Aviv, the marijuana drone made its first contact with Israelis, dropping little baggies of free pot to anyone lucky enough to be traveling through Rabin Square at the critical moment.
It was the city’s first air strike since the Egyptian Air Force bombed Tel Aviv during the 1948 war, although the purpose was far more benign. According to the unknown pot traffickers who operated the drone, they wanted to preach peace and love while also showing their support for cannabis legalization.

Can you have CBD in Israel?

The cannabis drone blitz was a microcosm of the Israeli cannabis scene, where innovation, chutzpah, and a near total saturation of the country with illegal weed have created a reality in which the plant may not be officially legal, but it’s almost always flying in the air and easier to buy than ever. And if you aren’t a customer, you can bet that many of the other parents at your child’s daycare are.
But what happens if and when legalization is implemented? According to cannabis activists, experts, and dealers, Israel will have a robust legal marijuana sector. And the question is when, not if.

Till then, the topic of cannabis legalization and the formation of a blue-and-white legal cannabis business has primarily been one of squandered chances, government mishandling, and what-ifs mulled over many a smoke-filled night.
“Historically, the State of Israel has been absolutely amazing at making big, sweeping comments to the press and absolutely horrible at really taking those remarks and doing something with them,” says Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis and CannaTech.

Can you bring CBD oil into Israel?,

According to Kaye, these promises include the establishment of a legitimate Israeli cannabis export business, improved pricing for medicinal cannabis users, and structured value chains from seed to bong. , in the squeezing the squeezing the squeeeding the squeeeding the squeeeding the squeeeding the squeeeding the squeeeding the sque ed.
We’re also importing to keep up with demand. These, in my opinion, are failures; the fact that we are importing is a disaster. That implies the local economy and value chain, as well as the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in it, are not satisfying local demand.”
Kaye attributes this to “the government having too many fingers in the pie” and red tape. medical cannabis israel

He highlights, for example, the fact that a cannabis producer cannot simultaneously make cannabis oil. “That’s like saying to an olive producer you can’t manufacture olive oil; you have to ship your olives someplace else to make olive oil. It makes no sense. Too long a procedure, too many people involved, the police, the Health Ministry, and all the background and fiscal checks you have to go through. It’s simply far too difficult.”
Kaye sees at legalizing as “a card that was drawn preelection. I believe it will be a card retained till the next election.”
While it bothers Kaye to watch Israel lag so far behind so many other countries in terms of legalizing

green book israel

According to the draft legislation, 27% of Israel’s adult population smokes cannabis, and “this proposed law is aimed to offer both legal and normative regulation, much as has been done in many nations across the world where they made cannabis legal, through limits and state regulation.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also publicly supported legalization, tweeting in February that after careful consideration, he decided to advance the cause of expunging records of people charged with cannabis possession, and that then-justice minister Amir Ohana was in charge of a committee to examine ways to regulate the cannabis model in Israel along the lines of the Canadian model.

Is CBD legal in Israel 2023?

“Usually, large changes in Israel come around 10 years after the United States, so our bet was by 2023, because in the United States it [the opening of the first recreational cannabis outlets in California] occurred in 2013. It’s conceivable to expect cannabis outlets in Israel over the next two to three years, but liberalization and the end of arrests will come considerably sooner, maybe as early as 2021,” Lebovitch says.

is cbd legal in israel

Like others, Lebovitch believes that legalization would strengthen the illegal market – and the organized crime figures involved in the marijuana trade – and that the government must work tirelessly to establish a lawful adult-use market.

How to Obtain a Medical Cannabis License?

“Legalization will be in the interest of big firms worth billions of dollars on the stock market, therefore it will happen for commercial and economic reasons.”
He also sees increasing support for a legal cannabis business as Israel strives to rebuild its pandemic-ravaged economy and find new ways to attract tourists.
“There is no other bright, pleasant nation with legal cannabis where Europeans may vacation. “We might be Amsterdam with sun,” he continues, describing a future that remains a pipe dream until September 2020. medical cannabis israel


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