Afghan Kush


Afghan Hammer is a powerful and potent Indica-dominant hybrid that will knock out your sleepless nights in minutes. Novice smokers should approach this strain carefully, with a strain this strong, it’s vital to start low and go slow!

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Afghan Hammer Strain Information
Afghan Hammer is a potent and powerful Indica-dominant hybrid strain. With famous parents Afghan and Mazar strains, this cross is a classic for bedtime use that will have you sawing logs in no time! It’s true when they say that good things come in small packages! It will have you experiencing delightful euphoria before putting you to sleep in the best possible way. If you’re searching for a strain that boosts your mood and mellows you out, Afghan Hammer is perfect for you!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects
Afghan Hammer buds have long and narrow fabulous forest green buds with long dark orange hairs. The buds have a thick frosty coating of white crystal trichomes that will have you giddier than the first sight of snow on Christmas morning!

With parent strains Afghan and Mazar and sister strain 9 Pound Hammer, you know that when this hammer hits, it’ll hit you hard, but that’s just what we want! With a THC concentration of 15 to 20% and 0-1% CBD, you can look forward to seriously sedating effects. Afghan Hammer will make you one with the couch or bed before sending you into a blissful slumber that even the Sand Man himself would be jealous of!

With a spicy and sweet flowery herbal flavor, the exhale has a slightly peppery taste and an aroma of earthy herbs and pepper hash, all wrapped up together with a sweet flowery bow. It’s sugar, spice and everything nice!

The high is a creeper though. It will work its way into your muscles and throughout your body inch by inch before encompassing it entirely in a massive bear hug of complete physical sedation. As your body sinks into this heavenly embrace, your mind will be lifted to entirely new heights. You will be transported to a dreamy state of euphoria and relaxation that will take you in and out of consciousness.

After this, sleepy time begins to settle in. The sedative effects will fully take over, having you dozing off before you even realize what’s happening. These soothing, relaxing and heavily sedative effects make Afghan Hammer an ideal strain for treating insomnia. The tranquil feelings it provides are also great for helping with various stress disorders. Finally, with its strong Indica genetics, Afghan Hammer is also excellent for combatting pain, muscle spasms and inflammation.

That said, novice smokers should approach this strain carefully, Afghan Hammer hits as hard as its name implies, and the risk of suffering greening out is high. With a strain as strong as Afghan Hammer, it’s vital to start low and go slow!


Half Ounce (14grams), Ounce (28grams), Quarter Pound (112grams), Half Pound (224grams), Pound (448grams)


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