Blackberry Kush


The effects of Blackberry Kush kicks in almost immediately and lingers for hours, a good reason why it’s best suited for evening or night-time use. If you’ve decided to blaze up this bad boy, we must tell you; you’re in for a ride!

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Blackberry Kush Strain Information
Predominantly Indica Strain, the California-born Blackberry Kush is a hit among recreational and medicinal users alike. In fact, it’s a go-to for people suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety – thanks to its exceptional sleep-inducing buzz. Another unique trait is its sweet berry flavor, which is rare among heavily Indica-dominant hybrids. It’s taste is wild and exotic, that carries all the flavours into your mouth and is sure to leave you drooling for more. Though its original parents are still a vexed question, it’s commonly believed that the strain is a cross between Blackberry and Afghani, or sometimes, Bubba Kush.

Blackberry Kush has a sweet, lingering aroma that can easily fill up a room. You’ll instantly notice its mouth-watering aroma. It’s also often compared to the scent of berries jam (for obvious reasons).

Blackberry Kush, as its name suggests, has a rich berry flavor. It is sweet and earthy with a hint of diesel notes. Precisely, you’ll experience a rich burst of berry flavor as you inhale your doobie and get a kick of that earthy taste as you exhale.

According to growers, this cannabis plant is marked by dense nugs of orange and purple. Some plants exhibit a blueberry appearance due to their dark purple pistils. Generally, Blackberry Kush has deep purple flowers with dark green leaves and bright orange hairs.


Half Ounce (14grams), Ounce (28grams), Quarter Pound (112grams), Half Pound (224grams), Pound (448grams)


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