Hemp Oil Extract – 140,000mg Organic Hemp Extract Grown and Made in the Unite States States – 100%

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Top Advantages:

Improved Brain Function No Anxiety or Stress Improved Mood Improved & Quality Sleep Boosts Immune System Quick Absorption 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Allergic responses are possible.
Nose bleed
Sinus congestion and/or obstruction
Breathing difficulty
Chest constriction

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Our team of scientists, herbalists, and dietitians created our organic extracts using the best production processes available.

Shake vigorously before using. Take 12 drops of hemp oil three times per day as a supplement. Apply under the tongue for 60 seconds, then swallow or combine with your favourite beverage.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a nonintoxicating chemical isolated from Cannabis sativa plants that has grown in popularity for medicinal applications ranging from epilepsy to pain management and addiction therapy due to its unique mode of action and safety profile.


Pain Relieving
Our hemp extract assists with pain relief, stiffness relief, muscle relaxation, arthritis, and joint inflammation.

Our natural extract helps to balance skin tone, hydrate hair, encourage skin regeneration, boost hair strength, and improve the condition of nails since it is high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other nutrients.

Relieve Anxiety

Premium recipe aids in the reduction of anxiety, the stability of mood, the reduction of hormone imbalances, the improvement of sleep, the enhancement of brain and mood, the enhancement of metabolism, and the support of weight loss.

6 reviews for Hemp Oil Extract – 140,000mg Organic Hemp Extract Grown and Made in the Unite States States – 100%

  1. Anders Wahlbwerg

    fibromyalgia, crps/rsd,carpel tunnel in both wrists, tendonitis, chronic migraine. mj has been effective in controlling my pain, spasms, tension and ive even had a slight improvement of my depression BECAUSE much of my depression is because of the medications i was taking AND the new limitations, changes in capabilities and problems that my body has brought on.

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  2. William Ben

    I have used medical cannabis for several years to treat numbness in my thighs and a burning sensation in my feet that interfere with my ability to sleep at night. Smoking or vaporizing help me to get to sleep at night but edibles work better to allow me to sleep through the night as their effect lasts longer. I have taken this with half doses of Ambien or Lunesta but unless I am having a very difficult time going to sleep this is not required. I wake in the morning refreshed and with a clear head. I experience far fewer problems sleeping now. In general my neuropathy has also improved since I began this treatment.

    Thank you guys…
    Please do me a favour and order from these amazing people

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  3. Nayak S

    ביצעתי את ההזמנה שלי, שילמתי באמצעות מטבעות קריפטוגרפיים. ההזמנה נמסרה שלושה ימים לאחר מכן ללא בעיות. עוזר עם דלקות במפרקים, ונראה שהוא מווסת את התגובה החיסונית שלי, וזו הסיבה שהתחלתי להשתמש בקנאביס רפואי. זה עוזר עם דיכאון וחרדה הקשורים למחלה אוטואימונית. עד כה אני מסוגל להימנע מתרופות כמו מתוטרקסט לטיפול ב-MCTD שלי.

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  4. Kevin Thorpe

    Debilitating, chronic pain. That was all I could think about – the pain. Taking high Hemp Oil extract: 3-4 puffs per day (1 puff every 4 hours of being active). While I still have some pain, I Have a life again. Pre-made salve did not work. Making my own topical salve with MM & olive oil, etc. Hoping this works!

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  5. Thelma V

    This product is amazing. It helps me get to sleep and stay sleeping for 6-7 hours. RA for 8 years.Past 3 years averaging 4 hrs sleep nightly pain and no comfort. Noticeably less tension in shoulders and less stress overall.

    I’ll be ordering soon

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  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    Good service.

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