Green Crack


Don’t let the name fool you. Green Crack is all weed! This potent hybrid is a sativa lover’s dream, supplying euphoric and energizing effects. Receiving its name from none other than the King of Weed himself, Snoop Dogg, you know that you’re in for a massive treat with this strain!

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Green Crack Strain
Whenever you ask about Green Crack, weed lovers of all experience levels will sing its praises. You just have to try it once to find out why! Often misled by its name, this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid composed of your favourite gorgeous green.

It received its title from one of the leading authorities in the wonderful world of weed, Snoop Dog!

According to the man, the myth, the legend, it’s his go-to favourite strain. So, you know it’s got to be good! Its genetics are somewhat murky, but what we do know is that it stems from parent strain Skunk #1.

Want to get energized, creative, and channelling your inner Snoop? Green Crack is a must-try!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects
Green Crack’s effects lean sativa but its physical characteristics are undeniably indica. The buds are small and densely packed together. The colour of its leaves ranges from pale green to yellow.

However, some phenotypes may have streaks of purple, as well. Rust-coloured pistils contrast the colourful flowers of Green Crack. The buds are also covered in milky-white trichomes.

Its vibrant aroma matches the visual beauty of Green Crack! When cured properly, this strain has a very distinct scent. Many users compare it to an earthy tropical fruit, like mango or papaya. There are also subtle undertones of pine and fresh grass.

On the tongue, Green Crack produces a smooth smoke that tastes like citrus with hints of earthy notes. It leaves a hint of pleasant tanginess in the after-taste. The sweet, fruity flavours will make it feel like you’ve just landed in a tropical island paradise!

There’s a reason why Green Crack is one of the most popular sativa-dominant hybrids around. It’s good enough to be a favourite of Snoop Dogg’s, it’s good enough for us! This strain produces a powerful head high.

Cerebral effects include euphoria and uplifted mood mixed with relaxation and ease. Green Crack is a must-have for inspiration and creativity. It’s also excellent for picking up on features in movies and music that you might not have before.

This strain allows tokers to stay focused, feel on top of the world, and have an incredible energy boost! In fact, it’s so energizing that some users replace their morning cup of coffee with a wake and bake with Green Crack instead!

With these characteristics, Green Crack is best during the morning or day. This strain can cause users to feel uplifted and wired, so we don’t recommend using it at night – unless you want to pull an all-nighter, you do you booboo!

Need we say more? Probably not, but we will!

The energizing, uplifting properties of Green Crack make it fantastic for those with depression and anxiety. It’s also great for battling fatigue. With its ability to help with focus, Green Crack can also help with ADHD.

Due to its cerebral qualities, this strain may incite paranoia or panic when taken in high doses.

Green Crack Medical Benefits
Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, ADHD, Migraines, Appetite-Stimulation


Half Ounce (14grams), Ounce (28grams), Quarter Pound (112grams), Half Pound (224grams), Pound (448grams)


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