5 Great Pain Relief, High-CBD Cannabis Strains From Israel

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Cannabis Strains From Israel- Some may be surprised to learn that Israel is a global leader in medicinal cannabis research. Discoveries made in the footsteps of Raphael Mechoulam (the globally renowned researcher who discovered THC for the first time) have given new meaning to medicinal cannabis as strains are tailored to have ideal quantities of cannabinoids.

Here are just a few of the strains that we just added to the Leafly Explorer from Israeli cannabis distributor Tikun Olam. Most of them give no euphoric effects but significant medicinal relief from pain symptoms due to their low- to moderate-THC and high-CBD composition. However, one strain contains a well-balanced ratio of low- to moderate THC and CBD. Enjoy!

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Avi-Dekel 1.
Avi-traits Dekel’s are as follows:

up to 16.3% CBD in tests
THC level is as low as 0.8%, making it non-psychoactive.
may be used to treat dyspepsia, sleep issues, and inflammation.

  1. Midnight Midnight characteristics:

tests up to 12.4% CBD with a 12.7% THC level.
regulates indigestion, inflammation, and pain

Cannabis Strains From Israel

Eran Almog 3.
Eran Almog’s personality:

81% indica
up to 28% THC in tests
may be used to treat indigestion, discomfort, nausea, and sleep difficulties.

  1. El-Na Personality Traits:

A 50/50 mixture
balanced THC and CBD (up to 6.5%) for patients unused to psychoactive effects, with THC as low as 8.2%.
Good for reducing pain, nausea, and stress

  1. Rafael Rafael’s characteristics include:

High CBD, up to 18.6%
Low THC levels—1% or less

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