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Israel medical cannabis
Medical cannabis Israel

The IMCA has created ‘The medical grade cannabis Cannacopoeia,’ a guidebook for prescribing physicians in the style of a pharmacopoeia, with the support of Professor Rafael Mechoulam, a world known expert in cannabis research who pioneered the characterization of the endocannabinoid pathway. The publication is based on the IMCA’s Good Clinical Practices guidelines and serves as a starting point for information on all stages of the cannabis chain:

IMC-GAP, for medicinal marijuana farmers;

• IMC-GMP, for makers ofshop “> medicinal grade cannabis products; shop

• IMC-GDP for wholesalers and pharmacies. buy cannabis in israel

• IMC-GSP, which ensures supply chain security; and, most crucially,

• IMC-GCP: Good Clinical Practices 2.

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Where can I buy CBD oil in Israel?

The clinical guide’s content is based on data compiled from research published in scientific literature, as well as the collected practical experience of experts working in the field. The handbook discusses the cannabis plant and its ingredients, the endocannabinoid system, pharmacology, side effects, major drug interactions, and other topics.

A complete meta-analysis of many sources dealing with cannabis in the domains of botany, pharmacology, chemistry, and biochemistry is available. This has allowed for the development of a ‘therapeutic approach.’ The handbook also includes instructions and recommendations for building an effective treatment plan, as well as the permitted indications for acquiring a cannabis consumption license.

Can you bring edibles to Israel?,

The Israeli pharmacopeia for medicinal grade cannabis is comprised of the clinical guide (nicknamed “The Green Book”) and the quality processes in place managing the supply chain of medical grade cannabis products. buy cannabis infused edibles israel As a result, the first step toward regulated, research-based medical usage is the combination of coherent, well-defined medical practice and goods that meet quality requirements.

Can you bring CBD oil into Israel?

In the world of medicinal grade cannabis, there is still a scarcity of evidence-based medication. We believe that by publishing this guide, we will foster the formation of an expert community that will contribute to the continuing research endeavor. A concentrated effort must be made to advance research in order to extend our evidence-based understanding. In the future, when new research and information based on empirical facts and medical opinions emerge, changes to this clinical guide may be made to enhance and update the medical recommendations for treatment with medical grade cannabis, therefore helping the public’s well-being and health.

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